Hello. My name is Mirjam Diamanti, maths addict and mother of two.

For over 5 years now, I’ve taught hundreds of hardworking and busy students how to get into their dream college and university courses by:
• Improving their maths grade by at least one grade;
• Go from fail to pass
Because our teens lead such busy lives, I’ve designed a simple system to help them do the above. Usually you see the change within 3 to 4 months, with only one hour of tuition a week.



What Parents are Saying

"Mirjam is a gift! My daughter feels so relaxed about the taboo subject of GCSE Maths now. It's so evident that Mirjam knows how to motivate and give confidence where it's lacking. Through lessons from an experienced practitioner with a fun attitude."

Helen S

"Mirjam is an excellent tutor. My daughter feels much more confident about her forthcoming GCSE maths exam. Mirjam quickly understood my daughter's needs and is very thorough and patient in her teaching style. Although maths is not one of my daughter's favourite subjects, she actually looks forward to and enjoys the lessons. I would highly recommend Mirjam - just wish we'd discovered her sooner!"

Jenny T

"My son’s confidence in Maths grew within just a few weeks. He became the most improved pupil of his class".

Mandy S

A-Level & PGCE

I am trained to teach Maths up until A Level. My strength is in pure maths but I don’t shy away from Decision making, Mechanics or Statistics.

I have an extensive base of lesson material and experience in teaching which I happily share with any of the PGCE students. I am also happy to support you one to one when you are doing your teacher training or NQT.

Online Tuition

The beauty of modern technology enables me to teach pupils where ever they are. The technology used can vary from Skype to specially designed classroom systems. Depending on access to technology we choose the most fitting application.

When pupils are taught in small groups and missed a lesson I can provide a recorded lesson in their files so they can catch up with the topics they should know and practise with the worksheets.

Students with dyscalculia/dyspraxia

Dyscalculia generally shows in pupils as the inability to use negative numbers, reverse operations and reverse procedures. Once they have been shown the how, they happily remember and answer questions correctly.

Dyspraxia students have a feeling for numbers but can’t write down the working out. Consistent pointing out what steps they follow and modelling working out gets them to overcome their difficulties.

Unwell students in hospitals or at home

Some students unfortunately get ill and are not able to get to school due to illness or hospital stay.

I could support these pupils with on site or on line lessons to help them continue to learn and not get a gap in their maths development.

To me, it’s not just about the grades.

It’s really about wiping that look of despair off the student’s face.
It’s about finally giving students the tools to learn how to learn and teach themselves to have a growth mindset that enables them to change within a short space of time; from ‘I can’t do yet’ into ‘I can do now!’. Because let’s face it, few of us will remember what the quotient rule are? But learning how to learn and perform under (exam) pressure — that’s a life skill!
It’s about guiding your child through a systematic approach that takes motivation out of the picture. Motivation’s great, but not all of us wake up every morning raring to go and do some maths.
I want to make sure that the students under my care get personalised methods and have a buffet to choose from when it comes to future education options.
I want to give your child no choice but to improve, so he/she can say confidently:

‘Yes, I DID it!’

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Got a question? Send me a message!

I'll do my best to reply with 24 hours.

Got a question? Send me a message!

I'll do my best to reply with 24 hours.